Post op movie reviews.

Inception:  Wha?  Hated it.  Don’t bother.

Secretariat:  Loved it.  There was one big flaw – there are really two stories here.  The first is Penny’s love of her farm, horses, trainers and Secretariat himself.  The second is Penny and her family which gets touched on but not explored or really explained.  The first story is so great that it overcomes the second.  Plus, Secretariat was such an amazing animal and his achievements were incredible.  Unsurpassed, I believe.  Diane Lane is wonderful in anything she does.  John Malkovich is wonderful as well.  I recommend it.

Not sure what I’ll watch today – I want to catch up on Oscar nominees but am not much in the mood for depressing stuff.  So Winter’s Bone may be off the shelf.  I might go for light fare like Easy A.

Still very sore, but better than yesterday, so small steps.  I’m able to roll over in bed a lot more easily which helps with sleeping.  On that note, I’m headed back up to bed.  Thanks for all your good wishes.   They make me happy and feel good.


5 Responses to “Post op movie reviews.”

  1. You know, if all you’re doing is lying around, you could give is more than one word reviews. 🙂

    I’m glad you’re able to watch and enjoy movies. Now get the kids to bring you bon-bons and decent wine, and you’re set.


  2. Randall, Inception isn’t worth more than a word or two. How it’s nominated for best picture is beyond me.

    Kids have been great. They’re bringing me coffee and breakfast in bed, taking care of the dog, cleaning their rooms…they’ve been wonderful. And Larry has been best of all. He’s stayed home every morning this week to get the kids off to school, cleaned up dinner every night – I’m lucky!!!

  3. I found inception a little too confusing. What level was that? Apparently his wife was confused too and look what happened there. My mom liked Secretariat. I’d like to see that one. Mmmmm, I’d be tempted to milk your family situation for all it was worth.

  4. Hi Barb:
    Todd wants me to watch Inception and I know that I will not understand it just like The Matrix. Bunch of crap.
    Fighter, Social Network – now you are talking like its REAL right? Lived the Social Network in a strange way! Gotta say those days were FUN in San
    Francisco, oh boy.
    love ya honey.
    kk getting over myself

  5. SKIP Inception – Total crap. Social Network rocked. Haven’t seen the Fighter yet, but plan too. Also taking Gracie to see The King’s Speech.

    I’ll bet you lived the Social Network. Similar to when I worked in Investment Banking in the 80’s. They were the cowboys then like Silicon Valley was later. Fun, but strange and glad it’s over!!

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