Saturday View

Just received some old photos of Larry’s Dad and his brothers and his father.  They grew up in Rockaway, literally on the beach.  Amazing.  They thought nothing of it.  Today, as a gift of the “great” Robert Moses, all this real estate is now highway, etc.  What a shame.  Anyhoo, Laurie (Larry’s dad) and his brothers (Dick and Gregor) and his dad built a boat!  The Cathrie.  Dick had something wrong with him – still need to get that story – and had to stay home for a long time.  He was bored and they all decided this was a great idea.  It was a great idea.  Lookie here.  You can see army barracks in the background of the first photo.  Larry’s dad is in the second.  Laurie and Pop Pop (in his suit, of course) in the third.  Laurie and either Doris (his wife) or Cathleen (his sister) in the last.  Look at the Lighthouse in the background.  So awesome.



4 Responses to “Saturday View”

  1. I love old photos and the stories they tell. Thanks for this.


  2. Nutsy Fagan Says:

    You’re welcome. It’s a treat for me as well.

  3. I’d love to build a boat and live on the beach and think nothing of it! Great photos!

    Glad you are feeling so much better! Sleep is key!

  4. Hi Barbie:
    You are my idol. Larry too. Love to the happy valentines.

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