Happy Valentines to all.

I don’t care if it’s a Hallmark holiday.  I like it.  A little extra romance or verbal smooch never hurt anyone!!!!  So go home and tell your honey you love and appreciate them.  Smile at them.  Give them a teeny little kiss.  Enjoy the day.  Here are Larry and I on our wedding day as the eye of Hurricane Bertha passed overhead.  It gave us a 20 minute window to get outside and snap some photos. Oh, my goodness.  We were so young and beautiful.


5 Responses to “Happy Valentines to all.”

  1. I tried some chocolate covered strawberries yesterday having heard they are a romance enhancer. Big fail on my part, as the EMBLOS had to grade German papers.



  2. Beautiful picture! I like Valentines Day, Honey doesn’t, or rather he’s indifferent. So I made a nice dinner anyway and we shared the chocolates from the heart shaped box.

  3. I like Valentine’s Day. My Honey does not. *sigh*

  4. My earlier comment must have been eaten by the ether.

    Query: Who’s the babe in the photo? Hubba-hubba. 🙂

    I went with chocolate strawberries and flowers. Safe for another year.


  5. Strawberries and flowers! That’s perfect.

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