Friday thoughts.

Forefront in my mind:  American Idol.  Best.  Season.  Ever.  I will be writing about this a lot.  I know that none of my loyal fans really watch.  But maybe you’ll give it a try this season.  I am JLo’s newest, biggest fan.  I love her!  And then there’s Creepy Uncle Steve, as my new blog friend Dave calls him.  He’s incredibly entertaining.  These two folks teamed with Randy Jackson?  It’s like watching a whole new show.  It’s fantastic.

Secondly, nagging in my mind: I did one of the worst things a mom/neighbor can do.  I was supposed to bring the neighbor’s child home from dance class last night and …….*horror*…..yes, I forgot her.  My stomach hurts just writing about it.  I walk in the door and Larry goes, “Babs, did you forget something?????”  Breath is sucked from my body, face is burning red and I having the most incredible yearning ever to turn back the clock, stand in the hallway and say, “come on girlSSSSS, let’s go!”.  This is just about the worst icky.  Really.  If you’ve ever done it, you understand.  I know it will pass, but not soon enough.  The parents were great about it.  Their daughter wasn’t that upset….OMG.  Nuff said.

So, it’s Friday.  Kids are off to school for the last day before a week off.  Nice.  I do like having them home.  I’ve made more plans than usual for upcoming week.  Usually I just let things happen.  But I feel itchy about this week – I’ve made plans for 5 of the 9 days off.  We’re having cousins sleep over.  We’ll spend a day in the city going to FAO Schwartz and then either skating in Bryant Park or a visit to Madam Tussaud’s.  Laurence is having some friends sleepover one night, Gracie will have a few friends another.  We’ll go skating in Deer Park at some point.  Other than that, we’ll just relax.  We’re ready.

The kids are thinking about going to a sleep away camp for a week this summer.  I know for a fact that it will be good for them.  I went two summers in a row for a month each time.  It was a tremendous experience.  Then, of course, there’s the upside for me.  A week without kids?  Yee ha.  Yeah, if that puts me in the rotten mommy category, I’m okay with that!!

I’m making Taco Soup for dinner.  Kids are super excited because I bought their favorite – Tostitos Hint of Lime Chips to go with.  Finn is going to the doggie spa to get all dolled up.  I’m going to try and squeeze in a cheap pedicure as my tootsie’s are something in need of attention.  Sleeping LATE tomorrow!  A fire and chillaxin’.  Laurence is having some friends for a Harry Potter movie night.  Pizza is on the menu, which means no cooking for me!

Time to roll.  Have a great day and enjoy the weekend.  Later.


3 Responses to “Friday thoughts.”

  1. Given all you’re going through at the moment, I think you easily can be forgiven for the occasional brain fart. My suspicion is, your prior extreme diligence in all things has allowed you to develop a substantial reservoir of good will over the years. Don’t sweat it.

    As for camp, is there one which will take boys until they graduate college?


  2. Normal, jealous, normal, jealous. Explanation: Forgot I was supposed to babysit the neighbors infant so she could go to work, went shopping with mom instead. You always have something fun planned and I want to go too. Adult time is good for your sanity and marriage; camp is a good safe way for kids to assert their independence and learn that they are capable of experiencing life on their own without actually being alone. Pizza is sorely missed on the weight watchers plan.

    Mr. Sherman-military boarding school.

  3. Catty? So glad you’re back!!!!!

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