Saturday thoughts

No rain today.  YIPPEE!!!  Yesterday was just horrendous.  Today it is cool, sunny and dry.  We had a lazy morning in our jammies.  Larry is off Frostbiting.  I par-boiled some ribs and made some maple glaze for tonight’s dinner.  Mmmmmmm.  Can’t wait.  Kids and I all showered, had lunch and then took Finn for a walk down to the Club and back.  We got there in time to see the Frostbiters coming in and putting the boats away.  Nice walk.  It just feels sooo good to be outside.  Spring is not here, but today was a taste.  We ran into a bunch of neighbors on our way there and back and that was nice too.  Finn just loved it.  He saw another puppy and got loved up by a few strangers.  Funny, he’s still a puppy, but he’s so settled in and such a part of our family.  Totally acclimated to us and our house.  He’s just chillin’ at the front door watching the world go by.  Oh, watching Gracie go by too – she’s determined to learn how to use the rip-stick….

I read some news on CNN today and frankly, I’m so disgusted with our government.  I think they’re all liars.  I don’t really believe that any of them are looking out for you and me at all.  I think it’s all a game of power and who’s going to rise to the top and big business is really running everything.  A government shut down? Disgusting.  People in this country are truly struggling and nothing gets done because all the idiots in Washington worry about is who’s going to win the next election.  Okay.  I’m stopping there.  Just my thoughts today.  I’m turning my mind back to maple glazed ribs and some port wine.  Hmmm….only 2:57.  Two hours till happy hour.  Or not!  Enjoy your day.


6 Responses to “Saturday thoughts”

  1. Term Limits would go a long way to curbing the almost insatiable quest for continued power, manifest in the never-ending election cycle. I’ve never hidden the fact, that I loathe politicians. They suck up my money to hand to others for votes, and each year I find whatever success I’ve had is parceled out to those who sit on their ass all day.

    OK. I’ll stop, too. And I’ve already had happy hour and am into “Happy Evening.”


  2. Term limits have their downside too, but overall, I think it would help and certainly allow more time for actual governing/legislation. I rank politicians right up there with real estate brokers and car salesman. Sorry to anyone who has chosen those professions!

    BTW – ribs were dee-lish. I opened a crappy bottle of red…blech. Couldn’t drink it, so I had a glass of yummy tawny port. Mmmmmm…

  3. Hey, at least you left lawyers off the list, so I’m cool.


  4. Don’t think that didn’t cross my mind. 😉

  5. As with all things in life, there is a balance to be sought and maintained. I’m glad contractors weren’t on your short list.

    Beautiful sunny day today (Sunday). I hope your day is the same.

  6. Beautiful! I walked and rode my bike too. LOVE being outside. Glad you’re enjoying as well.

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