I may be icky on Facebook….again.

Hmmm….just took a look at Facebook and I may be going back into FB Icky mode…..  After my hiatus, I deleted a lot of “friends’ and was attempting to keep myself limited…  Well, I’ve slipped and let a whole lot of folks back in and it’s beginning to turn me off.  My idea for Facebook is that it should be FUN!!!  Period.  Here are the things people do that I hate:

1.  Keep people updated on private information.  That should be done via email, phone or snail mail…..just sayin’….

2.  Bragging about their children.  EEEEEEW!!!!  Bragging about your kid SUCKS no matter where you do it, but doing it on FB is bad.

3.  Bragging about yourself and all the amazing things you did today (isn’t that what a BLOG is for???  Ha ha ha).

4.  Posting from vacation EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY.  ONE post telling you’re excited to go is nice.  Constant updates on the amazing time you’re having is obnoxious.

5.  Making plans on FB that don’t include every single one of your “friends”.  Again, this is what the phone, email and snail mail are for.

6.  All of the above = begging for attention.

Guess I’m done again???


4 Responses to “I may be icky on Facebook….again.”

  1. I tend to feel instant irritation at the copy and paste sayings, feelings, etc. that throw the challenge out if you don’t copy and paste you are cold hearted, anti-Christian, puppy hating, less than human.

  2. love ya barbie saying it like it is. So refreshing. Let’s be honest already.
    love kk

  3. I’m afraid I’ve never seen the point of FB or Twitter for that matter. Blogging is more my speed, as one can really organize one’s thoughts there.


  4. I liked Facebook because my family could share photos and sometimes people post very funny things. I think Twitter is retarded. It seems like a hot mess of incomplete thoughts. I don’t understand it.

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