Washington (CNN) – U.S. House Speaker John Boehner told a gathering of religious broadcasters that the nation’s mounting debt is a moral threat to the country.  Really?  Is Mr. Boehner our moral barometer now?  Hmmm…..where was he during the BUSH administration?????  Perhaps he was only recently enlightened???  PUKE.

“You may recall President Obama, in his State of the Union address, talking about a ‘Sputnik moment,’ the moment that shocks our nation into getting serious,” Boehner said. “In my view, America’s ‘Sputnik moment’ is our shocking national debt.”  I feel a few letters coming on…..  Yes, I know my attempt is futile.  Sometimes you must do things even though you know they have no real purpose other than making you feel better.

I am sooo fed up.  To be forced to listen to rhetoric and lies day after day is infuriating.  I truly feel like our country has turned into us vs. them.  I don’t really think we are a democracy anymore.  Really in name only.  Do I really have a say????  Sure.  Does it count for anything?  NO.  It doesn’t matter which party is in the White House.  They both have different agendas for sure, however, nothing real can ever get done because A) there is a game on, you know?  Democrats vs. Republicans and B) big business is really governing this nation and making 1% filthy, stinking rich while the rest of us are forced to work our asses off while the price of everything skyrockets, we fear for our jobs everyday and worrying about how we’ll provide for our families is first in our minds.  God help us if we get sick!

Wow, this is a real rant and I usually don’t rant here.  But, I couldn’t help myself after reading that quote above on CNN.com.  Have a nice day 🙂


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  1. I guess he was/is referring to the idea that the bill for today’s debt is passed on to future generations, which is immoral in the sense that we’re asking other people to pay our bills and not taking responsibility ourselves.

    As for other people’s good fortune, I don’t begrudge a Gates or Buffet his success. I just wish government would get out of my way and out of my wallet so that I can pursue my own interests, with success or failure being my responsibility alone. What winds up happening is that government tends to throw up roadblocks for most of us, while greasing the fast track for the favored few.

    Cheer up, though, dear. It could be worse.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with your last comment. My general feeling is that they make it nearly impossible for folks like us to go further and make it easy for people who already have the means to do so themselves.

    BTW – I don’t begrudge Gates or Buffet either. I begrudge the “wizards” (crooks) on Wall Street who happen to build financial instruments that make themselves richer and usually destroy companies (and the housing/mortgage market) in the process. I begrudge companies like AIG, Chase, JP Morgan and the like. Let’s throw the oil industry in there as well….ALWAYS looking out for their own interests. If this wasn’t the case, we would be sooooo much further ahead on alternative energy. Okay Randall. I’m stopping here.

  3. And I am smilling!!!!!

  4. Not smilling, but smiling!! Ha ha. Hope it’s sunny there. It’s awful here. Cold and wet.

  5. Every time that man speaks I feel like calling my Ohio relatives (most of whom didn’t vote for him) to ask, “really?? This was the best you could come up with?”

    If you don’t vent all that anger and frustration gets turned into stress which is really bad for the insurance industry because it results in medical claims. See, venting is good for you.

    I think your assessment is spot on. It’s like watching a couple of stubborn contrary kids. “I’m not doing anything he says just because he said it. I think I’ll do the opposite of what he says.” When did it become acceptable to call people we don’t see eye to eye on nasty names? These are our fellow Americans. They aren’t Repuglicans or Democraps. Liberals and conservatives aren’t something you picked up on the bottom of your shoe. Right and Left are not fighting words. Didn’t your parents teach any of you manners?

  6. Oh yeah, lets talk moral threat. Who would take ANY financial advice from a guy worth $2-7 million who spent about $4 million to get a job that pays $193,000.00. Ok, now I’m done.

  7. I don’t know about ‘moral threat’, but the deficit does seem to me like a moral compass.

    When cuts have to be made, which programs are sacrificed and which protected? For ‘programs’ read ‘people’. *Who* is sacrificed and who protected? Are the long-term interests of the nation put first or the short term interests of the powerful? And which large items of expenditure are completely off-limits? That, surely, is a compass to a nation’s moral direction.

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