Nutsy’s Korner

No, you’re not going to see a Sheenesque video or diatribe here.  I’m not going to talk about “winning!”  Not today anyway!  I could write about Charlie, but I’d be here all day.  Let me just briefly say that he’s the worst example for children, actors, drug addicts, etc.  I feel sorry for anyone who has an addiction, but Hollywood stars make it really hard for me to be sympathetic….  The “I’m a drug addict because I have everything” is just annoying.  Sure addiction happens to anyone, but call me bad, Hollywood stars gone bad don’t get a ton of sympathy from me.

Moving on…Today my beautiful, amazing son is 10 years old!  Time surely does fly.  When I think of the day he was born, it seems time has flown by at 78rpms….  Whenever I do think of the day he was born, I always think of when I was back in my room after the c-section and they brought him to me.  They laid him down next to me and I felt such peace and such connection.  We went to sleep and it was perfect.  I was soooo happy, yet there was a tinge of sadness that I did not experience this connection immediately with my daughter when she was born.  Gracie came into this world in a tornado…I was very sick, had an emergency C, remained pretty sick and just never had the chance to experience that silent, peaceful bliss that I did with Laurence.  Of course, we were always connected – she’s my daughter.  I was just sad we didn’t get to experience that in the hospital and that things were so worrisome and chaotic.  But this, however, make me appreciate her even more at that time and I believe that realization actually did connect me to her more.  Does that make sense?

So, it’s a big year.  Laurence is 10, I will be 50 and we will be married 15 years.  A time to appreciate, reflect and certainly to celebrate!!

Happy birthday Laurence.  I love you to the moon and back.


4 Responses to “Nutsy’s Korner”

  1. Happy Birthday to your son!

    My blogfriend Andy’s son is 10 today. It’s a great age. They still like you and respect/fear you. Alas, it starts going south pretty quickly and hits bottom right before you ship ’em off to college.


  2. Not looking forward to that time….but I guess time prepares you? It will break my heart when he stops digging me. He is literally my biggest fan. It’s fierce.

  3. I’m not sure time helps much, sorry. Our son left for college last September, and my wife found it very hard (and still does). For me it’s what we’ve been working towards all these years: the time when he steps out on his own two feet. So I guess it’s one of those sweet/bitter things that all depends on how you look at it. The nice thing about college is that he still comes for holidays and the odd weekend; it’s not as final as him getting a full-time job in Outer Mongolia or somewhere.

  4. I cried a few days after each of mine left then slowly realized I didn’t have to get up early to take this one to work, or cook to that ones ovo-lacto vegetarian standards, or worry into the night cause I didn’t here one of them come home. We could go and visit them and I would cry when we left (still do). They come back and turn human again. They realize you did the things you did to steer them in the right direction and you become friends with the people that they have become. I think it’s the best part of parenting.

    Plus, you now get to re-romance your spouse and chase each other naked around the house.

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