Frostbiting Fotos!!!

Yeah, I know it’s wrong, I just like the fun of it.

Richard Tesoro has finally forwarded photos to Pete and he in turn has posted them to the website.  Richard is a fabulous photographer.  Here are some pictures of the 2011 Frostbiting Season.  Our Flying Scot is #4223, named Twelve.

Larry and Chris Sicignano

Dave Johnson (one of the funniest guys ever), Maria Parascandolo and (as if you couldn’t tell….) her sister Taryn Birkmire.  During the summer, I race with Maria and Taryn.  With Taryn as skipper, we won the Women’s Championship and will be racing the GSBYRA Championships on June 12th.  They’re great women.

The fleet coming up on the mark.

The Unbeatables:  David “Lite” Hyer, Dave “Classic” Hyer and “Commander” Greg Schneller.

Chris “seachig” Sicignano, Daisy Holzmacher and Capt. Larry

Out in front is Ian Holzmacher, Past Commodore Ken Goodwin and Skipper Carl Galian

Larry and Chris again with the Clubhouse in the background.  Great shot.


2 Responses to “Frostbiting Fotos!!!”

  1. Why is it I can’t look at those photos without thinking of the Seinfeld episode where George was subjected to “shrinkage.”

    Seriously, I miss my 18′ Buccaneer.


  2. You’re too funny. Most of them have dry suits on. I bought Larry a suit that isn’t “breathable”. He says for the time he’s out there (90 to 120 minutes), it’s fine. He says he’s soaking wet from sweat when he takes it off.

    They make it look fun, don’t they? Me? I hate sailing in the cold, but it does make me long for summer.

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