Been a while since I’ve been here.  Larry asked if I had another blog because I haven’t been posting.  Nope, just a dry spell.  So….let’s see.  Frostbiting was cancelled last weekend due to too much wind.  The gang is scheduled to go out again this Sunday.

This weekend is going to be busy.  Tomorrow night I am having a Silpada party – gorgeous sterling silver jewelry.  I’m breaking out the Frozen Concoction Maker for Frozen Strawberry Margaritas.  Mmmmmm..I’ve got about twenty gals coming, so it will definitely be a good time!!  For the first time (maybe ever) I am not making a thing!  I’m buying everything and keeping things simple.

Saturday is Laurence’s first soccer game.  He’s really excited!  Saturday night we actually have two places to go!  One big party that we’ll hit first and then a small get together for cocktails at a friends.  I’m looking forward to getting out of my house!!!!  Sunday will be a day of rest and working on the kids science projects.

All in all, things are good.  I’m a little testy these days….yep.  High strung and losing my temper easily.  I’m working really hard on this.  It is not easy.  It’s like there is another person inside me…  This too shall pass.  That’s all for now.  Got schtuff to get done.  Have a good day.


2 Responses to “Hey!”

  1. Spring is always busy.

    I guess boy’s soccer season is during the Spring for you. For us, it’s a men’s Fall Sport. The girls’ season is in Spring.

    Have fun this weekend.


  2. Actually, they play in the Fall and Spring. We also have lacrosse the Spring….that should be interesting. They like to make 10 year olds practice 3 times a week…. If you know anything about lacrosse, you’ll know that our high school is rated #1 in the country. With that comes the parents……

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