A beautiful morning!

The sun is shining.  It’s Sunday.  We have NO obligations today!  That’s pretty good, huh?  Well…there are certainly things to do, but nothing like 9am lacrosse practice.  Not having to get up at 8:30, get dressed and drive to the high school for a two hour Sunday morning practice?  Priceless.

We will work on the kid’s science fair projects – about a half hour.  I need to work on the business journal for the PTA gala – mmmm a bit more time than a half hour (but fun time and I can work on that tonight and in and out today).  Gracie and I are going to see The King’s Speech today – finally!  So there are definitely things to do, but nothing at 9am.  That’s a homerun in the Schaefer household.

Larry is getting ready to go Frostbiting.  They’ve got a fantastic day for it!  Really nice.  Hopefully, he keeps his head in the boat and does well.  He’s in third place in a field that is usually around 8.  The two skippers ahead of him are pretty much unbeatable.  So third is very good!

Laurence had a great soccer game yesterday!  It seems the light went on and he finally understands where he should be, who he should be covering, etc.  That is a fantastic thing to see.  He enjoys it so much too.  He had a great save yesterday – first he blocked it with his foot, then it came back at him and he jumped into the air and blocked it with his body.  He fist-pumped when he landed and the crowd went wild.  It’s exciting.

We had two parties last night and both were really fun.  We saw lots of people and had a very nice time.  Too bad I ate way too much at both parties!!  We played Pictionary at the latter and that was good for lots of laughs.  Well, I need another cup of coffee and a beginning on the PTA journal, so I’m off to PowerPoint land.  Have a good day.  I hope the sun is shining on you.


One Response to “A beautiful morning!”

  1. Happy sun and leisurely Sunday to you! It’s always nice when you have a family day where you can ease into the day. Very nice.

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