Wow!  It’s been a loooong time since I have posted.  We had a lovely vacation in Florida – ten days in glorious sunshine.  We were on the beach all day, every day.  It was awesome!!  Probably more has happened than I can remember.  Yesterday, drum roll please, we put the name on the sailboat!!!  It was a cool project.  We’ve had the vinyl lettering in a tube canister for a year.  Last year the boat was put in the water without our knowledge and before we could get the name on.  Anyhoo, it was fun to do!!  I watched a few videos on Youtube and they were extremely helpful.  Of course, we forgot to take a picture yesterday!  Larry will be at the boatyard today and will get a photo which I will promptly post!

Last night my mom called to tell me that my 57 year old sister is getting married for the first time.  She had two ten year relationships with women, has three adopted african american children and met a wonderful man last year.  We love him.  In my eyes, he’s the first person who treats her as she should be treated.  So, wonders never cease.  She’s thrilled and we are too.  Life is funny.


4 Responses to “Hi!”

  1. Glad you’re back and I look forward to your photos, both of Florida and boat.

    And, congrats to your sister. I trust she and her husband will have a long happy life together.


  2. hi barbie girl
    I am just dropping in since Brady is still sleeping, yahoo! On Mother’s Day I texted to all whom I love – Calgon Take Me Away! (is whom the right word?). Boy do I need an editor. Well happy day me lady. That is the best news about Kathy. She is so much fun that lady. How is your dear Finn? I will never get over how much I love my doggie. My dog is so god.
    Hope all is well.

  3. Congrats to your sister! Always good to hear about weddings and vacations. The naming of the boat sounds really cool too! I hope you all have sunny warm days to enjoy your boat. We certainly haven’t had much sun lately. I guess the upside to all the rain is that the boat won’t run aground. Plus, everything is really really green. I love green and all the other spring colors that are bursting forth.

    New blog spot, on blogspot: cattykizmo@blogspot.com

  4. Hey, thanks! I got disabled for posting a poem that was copyrighted….oy. I wrote back to WordPress and should be able to post the name on the boat soon. Always something, right?

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