BYC 4th of July Regatta 2010 Video

It’s here again!  Can’t believe the year went sooooo fast.  Boats are all in the water.  We’ve been to Hemlock already.  There’s still some sanding and brightwork for me to do…..yes, I will get there.  Kids have started swim team (riding their bikes there themselves now!!) and sailing lessons.  They participated in a racing program yesterday too!  And….drumroll please……all the Schaefers will be participating in the 4th of July Regatta this year!!  Below is a video that Callie O’Connell (16) made last year.  Hopefully, she does it again this year.  If not, I may have to try my hand at it because I love watching this one – she did a great job and truly captured the essence of the day.  Enjoy – Gracie, Laurence and I are in it – don’t know how Larry didn’t make it….  that is what this year is for!!  Happy 4th of July!  Oh, and by the way…..I’ll be FIFTY on Sunday!!!!!  Happy birthday to me!!!!


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