BYC Junior Regatta 2011

Today was a first for the Schaefers!  BOTH Gracie and Laurence raced in their first Regatta.  They were both in Blue Jays….against each other!  The only two in the fleet, but hell, they were out there!  They smiled!  They had fun!  Larry and I cruised around on the whaler watching and taking photos. I had no right to feel as good as I did today….my gals came by my house by boat and kidnapped me last night for a birthday party!  We drank gallons of Planters Punch and an entire bottle of Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka….good God.  We danced, at lobster and steak and then went skinny dipping in Shari’s pool.  I cannot remember when I’ve laughed so much, so hard.  They had a singing telegram!  They made a picture of all of us (I must scan it and post because it’s too much fun).  It’s all of our faces on the bodies of Rihanna, Jessica Simpson….mine is on Lady GaGa!!!  Anyhoo, here are some photos from today…

McKenzie, Laurence and Xander heading downwind.

Youth and beauty.

Gracie, Klaire and Kenny.

Possible new masthead for the newsletter?  Oh!  Wait!  Not my job anymore!  Ha ha ha.

Larry and I race tomorrow.  There will be bruising.  Damn if I ever get off a Flying Scot without looking like I’ve been in a street fight.  Still, there will be fun.


2 Responses to “BYC Junior Regatta 2011”

  1. Awesome photos and Happy Birthday! I hope your race went well.


  2. I ended up on the Division 4 Committee Boat… was awesome! It was as hot as blazes and I was in the breeze in the shade. I also got a bird’s eye view of some great racing.

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