Summer, Week Three

Oh, those lovely summer days and nights!  We have just been enjoying the hell out of them.  Kids are on the swim team and are taking sailing lessons.  We’ve been to the beach about 10 times.  Been over to Hemlock three times.  I had quite the birthday celebration which I am drying out from now….yikes.  This week is supposed to be “get my shite together week”, but it was soooo beautiful today…..we had to go to the beach again.  The ocean was amazing.  Clean and swell-y – big, rolling waves that don’t toss you around much – they just lift and fall.  Lovely.

I conned the kids into doing some errands with me by promising them Slurpees.  They’re FREE today you know….start your engines!  They were small, but dee-lish.  Extra dee-lish since they didn’t cost me anything!

This Wednesday is our 15 year anniversary.  It makes me smile.  I have loved it all – good, wonderful, bad and ugly.  You still do it all for me Larry Schaefer and I love you more than you’ll ever know.

Enough of that!  We’ll be celebrating at the BYC’s Watermelon Martini Happy Hour.  I will not be drinking those cocktails of trickery!  I’ve seen far too many “pink” fools and even a few yawning technicolor after a few of these….Still a great happy hour – awesome food.  So it should be a wonderful evening.

I’ve farmed out the kids for this Saturday.  We’ll be “adult” sailing with folks from Larry’s office.  No, adult doesn’t mean R rated, just adults only!!!  We’ll sail and then come home for dinner.  Sunday it is off to Watch Hill!!!!!!!YIPPEE!!!!!  Then on to Sailor’s Haven.  A week with my family on Miss Gracie….so good for my soul.





3 Responses to “Summer, Week Three”

  1. It sounds like your summer is going great. Happy Anniversary and have one of those Martinis for me, if your liver can handle it.


  2. Redwing137 Says:

    sheeeyit! Am I behind on my blog reading! This is my first visit since my last comment. Dang. Happy Anniversary! We must have met (at Stillman’s after a Thursday night race) right when you two got married. I came back from the Navy in 1995 and started racing with Jack in 95 or 96. I’ll get back to reading now!

  3. And look at you now Jarrett! A married man with a magnificent new baby! I imagine your heart is overflowing right now. Enjoy it all and we’re anxiously awaiting more info and photos. Thanks for visiting. I’m thinking you’ll have time to blog during naptime (if you aren’t sleeping yourself!!).

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