Hotter than Georgia Asphalt…..

W. O. W.  To say it’s hot here is an understatement.  Yesterday it hit 100 with a “real feel” of 109…. Without going into too much detail, this middle aged, menopausal woman is not happy.  Okay.  Moving on!

We’ve been on vacation and it has been wonderful despite a few bumps in the road which I will get to.  We started out taking colleagues from Larry’s job sailing for the day last Saturday.  Lots and lots of fun!  We went to Hemlock (yes, the place they found all those bodies….aye yi yi) and then to Frank & Dick’s for some Dark & Stormy’s….mmmm.

On Sunday, we shoved off for Watch Hill.  So lovely that we stayed until Wednesday.  Just beautiful.  We dug up a few dozen little necks and grilled them, swam in the Bay, the Ocean and walked the nature walk.  Wednesday we went to Atlantique.  Not my favorite place but it’s okay for a stop over.  We had to get home early Thursday morning to pick up our new (new to us) center console!!!  We bought a 2003 Palm Beach 22 foot center console and it is awesome!!!!  I love it.   On the darker side of things…..we also had to get home because my mother fell on Tuesday and broke her hip.  She had surgery Thursday morning.  That is too long and sad and depressing to go into…..let’s just say we’re taking one day at a time.  It’s all you can do.

Yesterday was hotter than the surface temperature of the sun, so there was little else to do besides sit in the pool at the Club.  Tonight is the Clambake and I made this for my BFF Sandralee’s birthday:

Isn’t it just beautiful?  I’m so happy with the results.  I learned how to do this on I Am  It looks like it was hard, but it wasn’t.  The trick is the 1M tip.  It’s Duncan Heinz Decadent Chocolate inside.  I cut each layer in half, so that there are four layers inside.  It’s Duncan Heinz buttercream on the outside.  I just made it using 3 cans of frosting.  You need a lot as the rosettes use quite a bit of frosting.  I will be making this again week after next for my book club.

I need to shower and get back to the Hospital now…more to come.  Hope everyone is well.



One Response to “Hotter than Georgia Asphalt…..”

  1. Without going into too much detail, this middle aged, menopausal woman is not happy.

    My wife hear’s your cry.

    At least you’re near the water. We got bubkus to cool off to here, unfortunately. I can’t wait for the weather to break, even if it means a few days of nasty thunderstorms.

    I’ll pray for your mom.


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