A great day in our summer life. A photo essay.

A gorgeous Saturday in July.  Larry had his staff come out for a sail.  Here is their journey in photos:

A quick stop at the Club for Laurence to take a dip and show his diving prowess on the board.

The T dock at the Club.

A house on Oak Island.  You can only reach Oak Island by boat.  These houses are only occupied in summer.

Another Oak Island classic.

Sailing down the channel along Oak Island.

This house is one of Albert Swayhoover‘s muses.  He’s a wonderful local artist that has relocated to (of all places) New Smyrna Beach.  My mom has an original as do many folks around here.

Love this photo.  There must be 40 people standing knee deep on the bay just having a party.

The old girl.

Laurence on our newest addition, the 22 foot Palm Beach center console, Redhead Girl (yes, finally a boat named for me).


Frank & Dick’s.  One of a kind.


One Response to “A great day in our summer life. A photo essay.”

  1. Cool photos. I find myself missing the ocean, and especially the fresh seafood.


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