The End Approaches…

Bittersweet is the end of summer.  We’ve had a fantastic one – to say the least!  Two and half weeks of vacation – all at the beach on Miss Gracie in beautiful weather!  Weekends at Hemlock, outings to Frank & Dick’s and lots of fun at the BYC.  Oh, and one MAGNIFICENT evening at the Good Samaritan Ball.  We just got back from a weekend at Ocean Beach for a friend’s wedding that was just fantastic.  I cannot remember having that much fun in one weekend in a long, long time.  We got to spend lots of nice down time at Atlantique and then jet down to OB for dinner and dancing.  Doesn’t get much better than that!!

Kids and I are going to LBI at the end of the week to spend some time with cousins.  We’ll be back Saturday morning – soccer games both days and the Louis Orr Invitational on Sunday.  We’ll be hosting the O’Briens who are ALWAYS a good time.  Great folks with no hang ups and a great attitude for having fun.  Love them.  Lots of errands and laundry between now and departure on Thursday morning.  Also offered to make a lasagna dinner for the bunch in LBI.  Kids are very, very excited.  I’ll post some photos soon!


2 Responses to “The End Approaches…”

  1. And I thought I was busy. Your schedule puts mine to shame.


  2. It’s busy, but it’s almost all fun stuff, so I love it. I’ll post more next week, plus a photo entry. Got to find a photo of us at the Ball – I felt like Cinderella! Have a great weekend Randall.

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