Spectacular Indian Summer

Wow!  Was this past weekend amazing or what???  Holy smokes.  We left at 9am on Saturday morning and headed over to Atlantique for the weekend.

Lucky we left when we did!  The Marina was completely full by 2pm.  That is virtually unheard of in October…  There was a pretty good contingent of SBCC folks there and we had a great time.  We went to the rendezvous for a bit and then Marty and the kids came back to Miss Gracie with us and had dinner and a few cocktails.  Nice.  Sunday was maybe the best beach day of 2011:

Toni & Chris Sicignano came over and we had happy hour on the beach until 6pm.  Soooooo nice.  We barbecued early and hit the bunks around 9:30 – just a perfect day.  Then it was time to come home and get some yard work done.  Didn’t mind that at all as it was still gorgeous out!  What a homerun.



One Response to “Spectacular Indian Summer”

  1. I’m sure you’ll take advantage of every good weekend. Only a few more left.


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