20th Annual Louis Orr

One of the last “big” races of the year, this one holds a special place for us.  We bought Louis Orr’s Loon just after he was killed in a car accident 20 years ago.  After he died, my mother became very good friends with Louis’s widow, Libby.  As a result, my then boyfriend now husband, bought the Loon.  We actually owned the boat longer than Louis.  Anyhoo, Louis was a great guy and I wish I had had the chance to know him.  The BYC honors him with this race each year.  Very, very, very few ever have a BYC race named after them.  We aren’t big racers, but we always participate in this one.  This year, we had guest stars aboard:  The O’Briens!  Kevin and Kathy are awesome.  They are the biggest funsters around and just great folks.  We invited them to sail with us this year and true to form, this is how they arrived:

Mr. O’Brien in his captain’s hat.  Such a pisser.  We were calling them Thurston and Lovey.

Here’s the fleet at the start of the race.

On our last leg of the race

And at the party afterwards with Kevin and Kathy.

Of course, he changed as soon as we hit the dock.


2 Responses to “20th Annual Louis Orr”

  1. Beautiful day. Is that a yawl rig?


  2. Yes, it is a yawl rig. The boat was retro fitted as such. We love the mizzen – mostly we sail with just the jib and mizzen.

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