November is here.

Halloween is gone, so is the candy.  Club closes on Tuesday.  Our “Last Saturday Before the Club Closes Party” is this Saturday night.  Appetizers, desserts, lots of booze, a fire in the fireplace, warm fleeces and good friends.  A really nice evening.  I think I’m going to bring the Frozen Concoction Maker and make Harry Potter Frozen Butterbeer cocktails….mmmmmm.   I think a little bit of Captain Morgan’s couldn’t hurt this recipe either….  Can’t say I’m sorry the Club is closing….I’m sooooo ready.  I need a break.  Boats are still afloat…call to haul the CC has been made.  Miss Gracie will get hauled after Thanksgiving.  And then Frostbiting begins.  This keeps Larry happy.  He needs to be on the water or …..well, it’s just not good.

This weekend is just CRAZY packed with too much stuff:  Tomorrow night is Supermarket Bingo (a Schaefer family favorite).  Saturday morning Larry is off with Joe to get a new “old” Flying Scot for the Club.  We had firewood coming, but alas….that will have to wait yet another weekend now.  Laurence has a soccer game at 11am.  The Club party starts at 5.  No sitter yet…..  Sunday morning we are heading out for brunch with Toni & Chris at 56th Fighter Group.  I have never been there….weird for someone who has lived here her whole life.  Then we’re heading to Bay Shore to the Boulton Center for a Cruising Club presentation done by our friend, Harry Manko.  It’s on the history of the Cruising Club and it should be something wonderful.  Harry is quite talented and NEVER does anything half assed.  He’s full throttle or off.  We have to leave there early because from 4:30 to 7 is our yearly BYC Board Dinner.   After that?  Sleep.  Where are my empty Fall weekends of stacking firewood, lounging by a fire, bike rides, friends for dinner……soon, I suppose and hope.


2 Responses to “November is here.”

  1. Between November 1 and New Year’s, things go nuts. Add in to that end-of-year legal crap, and I get the vapors for two months. I’ll be happy come January 2.

    Stay warm and safe, dear.


    P.S. My first sailboat was a Flying Scot. I miss it.

  2. Hopefully not too busy to enjoy a bit of the most wonderful time of the year! Hang in there Randall. Thanks for coming by.

    BTW…after the flood and all, we’ve decided to do some work on the house. I have started a new blog – House of Babs. Come on by for a visit now and then.

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