LOVING this weather.  Since the October Nor’Easter, it has been beautiful out!  Larry and I went for a sail by ourselves on Saturday afternoon after Laurence’s soccer game (they won) and Larry went to Connecticut with Joe to pick up the “new” Flying Scot.  It was just gorgeous.  Vividly clear, crisp and wonderful.  St. John’s sailing team was out racing on the 420’s.  Magoun Landing Association was having their Fall Meeting at the BYC.  Nice.  Here are a few pics:

Yesterday, we took the children to the Boulton Center for the “History of the SBCC” presenation.  It was fantastic.  Great stuff.  Afterwards, we headed off the Board Dinner at SeaLevels.  Monty did us proud and the food was just amazing!


2 Responses to “Fall!”

  1. Beautiful, especially given that it’s been cloudy and rainy here for the last three days. I hope it clears up for my son’s soccer game tomorrow. His team is in the State “Sweet Sixteen,” so we’ve got our fingers crossed.


  2. Good luck to your son! That’s exciting. I’ll cross everything that the sun comes your way.

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