Finn fell in!

Oh.  My.  God.  Talk about a Chinese fire drill!  We were unloading all the cushions, booze, throw pillows, blankets, etc. from the boat when all of the sudden I hear Laurence SCREAMING, “Finn!!!!!!!!  He’s in the water!!!  GET HIM!!!!!!”  He and Gracie were hysterical.  OMG, sooo sad!  Larry and I jumped off, saw Finn who was swimming along the dock.  I panicked and said, “I’m going in!” Ha ha ha .  Oh boy did we have a good laugh over that later.  In the meantime, Larry stayed cool and said, “hold on…”.  He laid down on the dock and scooped Finney up by the collar.  At first we thought he hurt his leg, but he may have just scraped it.  We brought him inside with the crying children, gave him a warm, soapy bath and he seems fine now.  Thank God!!!!  I’m exhausted.

We all chillaxed for a half hour and now Larry has gone out sailing.  I’m going back to my laundry room.  I’m almost done getting rid of all the crap.  I have one more set of file cabinets to go through.  Then, I’m ready for carpet, curtains and painting/arranging the furniture.  In the end, it should be a nice little haven for me.  It also feels soooooo good to purge and be organized.  I’m just a better person when things are in order.  Enjoy your Sunday!  Hug your pet!  I’m gonna go hug mine again.



2 Responses to “Finn fell in!”

  1. That’s why I’ve always wondered about pets and boats. I’d really hate to lose one. I’m glad your mishap took place close to the dock.


  2. Whenever we’re away from the dock Finn wears a life jacket. We heard a terrible yet amazing story this summer of a man and woman who have a small dog as well. The dog also had a life jacket on (thank God) when he fell off the boat. The husband didn’t realize this until he was over a mile away! He went back and sure enough the little guy was floating around in his orange jacket. Trust me – this would NOT happen to the Schaefers!!!!!

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