That should be my new name.  LOTKA.  Last.  One.  To.  Know.  Anything.

Everyday I pick my kids up from school.  Everyday I ask them what’s going on, what has happened.  “Nothing.”  “Not much.”  “I had a good day.”  What this basically means is, “Oh my God!  Mom!  Why do you ask me this shit all the time?????   I’m not going to tell you!”

Thank goodness for Gracie’s middle school teachers who actually know they are teaching in the 21st century.  They have Twitter accounts!  They post when the quizzes/tests are on these twitter accounts!  I love it.  They also actually send parent emails every two months.  The get it!  Finally, someone is telling me something.



2 Responses to “LOTKA”

  1. We have access to grades and attendance on line, which makes life so much simpler. It’s still hard to pry other, more personal stuff from my boys. It was never so difficult with my daughter, who was an open book.


  2. We have that too, but I am more concerned with day to day personal stuff. My son never stops telling me what happens during his day. My daughter is mute!

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