Ten on Tuesday

My favorite things about Christmas.

1.  Lights!  I just love the look of everything at night when it’s dressed in lights.  It’s so beautiful.

2.  My tree.  I would leave it up all year long if I could.

3.  Nutbread.  My Grandmother started making it over 70 years ago.  Then my mom made it.  Now my sister makes it in the original Diamond Walnut tin cans.

4.  Christmas concerts at school.  There’s nothing more innocent and pure than children singing and enjoying themselves.

5.  The Holiday Fair at school.  OMG, my kids just LOVE this.  They get intensely excited about what they buy for everyone.  It’s wonderful to see them so excited about giving to someone else.

6.  Christmas vacation.  Love having the kiddies home for the week.

7.  Christmas Eve at my brothers.  A great tradition and one that I really enjoy.

8.  Giving Larry the photobooks I make for him each year.

9.  Getting a new photo calendar each year to remind me of the fun we have had over the last year!

10.  Staring at my tree each night in the dark.  Yes.  I know I mentioned this already, but it is really my favorite thing.


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