Post Holiday News REVISED

Well, the New Year is here.  Let’s hope it treats us all well.  We had wonderful holidays and I’m sad to see them over.  My tree is still up today, but the take down will begin tomorrow….so sad.  I do love my tree so.

Frostbiting is in full swing.  Weather has been quite cooperative and the gang hasn’t missed a scheduled day yet!  This makes Larry a happy boy.  Happy Larry = Happy Family.  All is good!

Last weekend there was no sailing scheduled and Larry didn’t quite know what to do with himself.  He did lots of things around the house but kept saying how much it sucked that we didn’t have a boat in the water.  It was really beautiful outside and even I would have considered a jaunt.   Oh well.  I only felt sorry for him for a minute.

I am heading up to Vermont the last weekend in January.  I’m going to see my old friend Mitch.  He’s newly married and I have not yet met his husband.  As a matter of fact, I haven’t seen Mitchell in over 9 years.  Oy, so hard to believe.  We worked together waaaaaaayyyyyy back at Swiss Volksbank and became fast friends.  We’ve stayed friends ever since.  Anyhow, the bastard has gone off and bought one of the  most beautiful houses in Vermont and left me here in NY!!!!!  Seriously, I’m so happy for him!  So, I’m off for a weekend of fun and being spoiled by Mitchell.  I’m going to get in a day of skiing either at Bromley or Okemo too, so it’s a home run.

The following weekend, we’re heading to the Poconos!  We’re going with Larry’s brother James and his family.  We’re renting a house and the house looks fantastic.  We’ll ski one day at Big Bear and then go tubing the next.  The house has a big game room with an air hockey table, pool table and big bar.  There’s a recipe Nutsy likes!  It’s also Larry’s birthday.  So we can celebrate in style, the way Larry likes.  Low key, my lasagna, lots of beer, no driving far away, lots of fun.

Two weeks after that?  We’re off to the BVI.  Sailing around Tortola for a week.  We fly down Friday.  Ferry over to Tortola and sleep on the boat that night, a Lagoon 44 catamaran.  We’re off Saturday to the following Saturday.  Then we have a night in a hotel before flying home on Sunday.  It’s the trip of a lifetime and we’re very excited for that!!

Right now, I’m really looking forward to getting some skiing in.  But, of course, we need Winter for that……ummmmm.


2 Responses to “Post Holiday News REVISED”

  1. I expect –no, demand– photos from these excursions, especially the mountains and the ocean.

    Dammit. I’m jealous. Need any rail meat in the BVI? I’ll bring my own beer and sleep on deck.


  2. I will take pics of all, but the pictures of BVI will be spectacular as my brother in law is an exceptional amateur photographer (his camera is a professional level Nikon digital). And, of course, I will be more than happy to share all pics here.

    BVI is going to be spectacular. I wish we had a bigger group going – we could do some excellent raft-ups!

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