First signs of Spring

In the Schaefer household, the first true signs of Spring are work on the fleet.  Larry was extremely busy this past weekend.  He powerwashed, painted and waxed the Whaler and the speedboat.  We still need to come up with a “name” of some sort for the “speed boat” because we both hate calling it the Palm Beach.  Not sure why, we just don’t like it.  I guess “CC” for center console would work, but I don’t really like that either.  But I digress.  Anyway, after all of Larry’s hardwork, our timing was good for once and I managed to get the boat landed in the water on Monday.


On Friday night, I was out playing in the street on my new toy, my Trikke, and having been on Cipro the week before and not knowing that the antibiotic made you susceptible to ligament tears….. I tore the plantar fascia ligament in my right foot.  Totally.  Sucks.  It hurt like effing hell.  I am currently in a shoe and have to stay on crutches for a week, then it’s a boot for two months.  Joy.  So..back to the boat.  I was sitting upstairs when I saw Bob Gregory’s barge in the canal.  Larry told me to call Bob and tell him he was “ready to go” in the water.  So, I immediately got up and hopped out on to the balcony and shouted down the canal that Larry was ready.  I was thinking this was great, super timing and Larry will be so happy!  Well….  I called and left a message that the boat was in.  Half hour later I get a call from Larry freaking because the plug wasn’t in the boat and it would probably be sinking by now.  So I go tearing outside to catch Bob before he leaves (many steps on my incredibly painful foot) and Bob proceeds to tell me that he has already put a spare plug in the boat……Crisis averted.  Boat in water.  All is well.  Spring is here.





One Response to “First signs of Spring”

  1. My wife took at antibiotic and had the same problem: in her hands. It was horrible.

    Great view from the window, BTW.

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