I got the boot!

Well, after spending two weeks on crutches and in a wheelchair, I think you can imagine my joy at finally getting this lovely, stylish footwear:

Yes, it’s awful, but hey!  I can walk!!!  My hands and sides were sore from those damn crutches!  I was a really, really good sport about it, but I had reached the end of the rope.  The boot’s arrival was right on time.  So now, I get to wear this gorgeous thing for six weeks.  I am not complaining.  I am beyond happy to be able to walk and stand up straight!!  I even did all my Mother’s Day planting with the help of Husband of the Year.  After getting up at 6:30, getting on a 7:30 train, working all day and getting home at 7:40 at night, he has done the dishes and cleaned the kitchen every night for two weeks without complaint.  He carries my Ipad and soda upstairs every night without my asking.  He planted all 8 of our new shrubs, mulched the beds and then set me up for planting the window boxes and pots.  I love him.  Thank you sweetie.  Yesterday was a fabulous Mother’s Day.  I loved it all!!!

In other House of Babs news….I got a new sewing machine with which I hope to be wowing you with my pillow making ability soon….  I will shortly post photos of our newly replanted front beds.  And, I will also post photos of the newly refinished dining room!  Things have been happening, I just haven’t been posting.  I felt uninspired just sitting around resting my foot.  But I am back in the game and ready to get to work.  More to come!!


2 Responses to “I got the boot!”

  1. Yikes. I guess driving is out for a while.


  2. Ummm….no. If Babs doesn’t drive, the Schaefers come unglued. I’ve become adept at driving with my left foot…..well for a week. Now I just drive with my boot.

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