We are a GO!

The Center Console is in, washed, waxed and already been used more than a few times!  Larry came home Friday night to find me drinking Dark N Stormy’s with Carl & Sandy (neighbors most excellent).  We didn’t save him any Bayou Shrimp, but he quickly joined in the fun.  After Galian’s left to go out for dinner, we decided a trip to Frank & Dick’s was in order!  Off we went.  They aren’t fully open (no liquor, just wine and beer and no food other than pizza and deli sandwiches), but that didn’t matter.  We ran into some folks we know and they had their daughter with them, so Gracie was thrilled.  Off they went.  We had a couple of beers before heading home for burgers on the grill.  All in all, a great night!

Saturday and Sunday were filled with more waxing, weeding and cleaning.  Larry finished waxing the sailboat and I cleaned down below and washed the curtains.  I’ve just ordered more Cetol Natural and Gloss for the brightwork.  I also ordered some Marine Tex to fill in various screw holes, cracks, etc.   Now, I will say that Miss Gracie is MUCH drier than the Loon was, but we do have one teeny tiny leak in the rear starboard salon window.  And it really bugs the shit out of me.  Taking the window apart is not an option.  Larry and I both agree on this.  We did it on the Loon and it never worked.  So, I was considering silicone, etc….when I came upon some stuff called Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure.  How can you not love this stuff?  Creeping Crack Cure?  Love it.  Of course it’s British!!!!  Isn’t all the best shit made in the UK?  All the need hardware stuff and repair things I want are made in Britain.  For a country that declares itself so ahead of the times?  Sometimes I think not.  But I digress.  Anyhoo, I’ve ordered me a bottle of Captain Tolley’s.  Seven bucks.  Can’t wait to give you my review!!!  So the next few weeks (after it stops raining) will be spent spiffing up Miss Gracie.  I’ve also got some ideas for a revamp down below – we need new pillows.  The old ones are 4 years old and well….getting a bit “used” and dank.  Since I’ve got my new sewing machine and silhouette cameo, this is what I have got in mind:


2 Responses to “We are a GO!”

  1. That’s the best part of summer: getting your gear ready for high adventure. Though for me, pillows are a low priority.


  2. Yeah, well, me’s a girl, and while I’m into all the other stuff like brightwork, I still like down below to look stylish and pretty!!! No stink is a priority too. Ha ha ha! I’m off to Costco today for first aid, sunscreen, other various boat staples. Hopefully a new beach umbrella!

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