Great weekend at Hemlock

Well, we finally made it for an overnight.  We had a great weekend – Saturday was sweltery, but we got to the beach and swam in the bay as well before having a nice dinner of bbq’d brats and burgers.  I made some fresh corn too – nothing better.  Everyone turned in early – the heat just wipe us out.  It was uncomfortable to say the least.  Too hot.  Then, to make matters worse, we had two thunderstorms during the night.  I got completely soaked closing the portholes and hatch.  But that actually felt good!  After that, there was no air at all.  Ick.  We woke up late Sunday and headed straight to the beach.  It was a 10!!  Clear, cool water with nice waves for boogie boarding.  It was heaven.  We had a nice sail home and then cleaned the boat and hung outside for a while.  Here are some photos:


Dusk floating deserves a quiet night…. but I digress.

Sunset at Hemlock.   The storms came later.

Great day on the beach Sunday.



2 Responses to “Great weekend at Hemlock”

  1. “a nice dinner of bbq’d brats” – raises eyebrows in a version of English where ‘brat’ equals irritating child 😉 Looks fun.

  2. Ha ha. I loved that.

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