Sandy is a bitch.

It has been two weeks since that bitch Sandy came to town.  In one night, our lives have changed forever.  One month ago, the last nail was driven repairing our house from Hurricane Irene.  We had 40 inches of water through the first floor and 91 mile an hour winds….  Our first floor is gutted from floor to ceiling and is uninhabitable.  Staying with a very generous friend until the end of November and then…we will see.  The planning and details of fixing the home are overwhelming.  At least we are alive and well and that is what I need to focus on.  The road ahead is going to be long, exhausting and expensive, but we will come out stronger on the other side. 

Fortunately, Miss Gracie’s rub rail did it’s job and saved the boat.  The rub rail can be repaired.  All I can write right now.  Too much going on.  I plan on documenting the house raising, etc…. so stay tuned.  Let me know how you made out and what it looked like on the news where you lived….I didn’t see TV for 12 days….no power or heat.  Hope you are well.



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