Barbie’s Dream House

It’s an exciting time as things are really progressing on the house.  I’ve finally got some good photos to share with y’all.  This is the before the Lift pic.  Really, really, really low……  and take note of the very depressed and sad dormers, because they have received a huge dose of happy and look so much better now!!!



The house has been lifted, put down and framed (95%)!!  Here is the bumped out kitchen, new garage and new/replaced extension:


Here is the new & improved family room:


I know!  Right?  Here is the new kitchen – 150% BIGGER!


The view from the living room to the new family room:


SICK!!!!  Here is the new office and the new master bath:



And last, but not least, the SICK, SICK, SICK view from upstairs!!!  Won’t last too long though….neighbors are lifting too.  Still, pretty awesome.



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