About us.

We’re a family of four.  Not rich, not poor.  Making our way through this life while having as much fun as possible.  We sail, we love the beach, we love to be together.  Life is good.  No complaints right now.  This blog is the story of our adventures with our new old boat.  We sold our 1969 Pearson and bought a 1980.  This is the story of us and Miss Gracie.


3 Responses to “About us.”

  1. Notice you have a bowsprit on your new old boat. would be intereseted in hearing your experience sailing with it. If I read your blog correctly, you sold an older P35 for the current boat so you should have a lot of before and after experience. Your sprit looks like a factory installation, it looks so natural to the boat.

    Peter O
    Pa’akai O’o P35 #108

  2. I also would like info on your forestay and bowsprint combination. I have been contiplateing moveing my forestay to the bowsprint and was wondering if there is an increase in performance. How was weatherhelm affected?
    S V Miss Annis #458

  3. I don’t know if the headstay further forward should have a good or bad effect on the weather helm, but my experience between the two boats is that the new one (the 1980) has less then the ’69. That could be other factors. I have found the boat easier to balance and it sails great in heavy air under just jib and mizzen. I am able to go out solo and set the two sails on an upwind tack and then just sit in the cockpit enjoying the view. Racing wise this boat appears faster. The two baots did race against each other once this summer but the race was abandoned due to lack of wind. At one point the two were side by side (See picture of the ’69 going under the bridge on the site) and we just started to walk away from him. This again could be a factor of the age and conditions of the two boats. Overall I am very happy with the configuration of the new boat and its performance, plus it looks very salty! Can anyone tell me what I should be experiencing in the way of performance and handeling and I might be able to see differences better. thanks

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