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Bliss in Antigua

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We’re back and we had a wonderful time.  The resort was magnificent in every way.  It was beautiful, our apartment was gorgeous and had a spectacular view from every room, the sailing was great and service was top notch.  I just loved it! we have some good GoPro videos coming – need to go through them.  In the meantime, here are some photos.  All the photos are on Flickr and can be accessed from my FB page.



Thanksgiving reflection.

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It’s been a busy weekend filled with family.  On the scale of good and bad, it was mostly good!  Winning.

Tomorrow will certainly be a day of rest.  Or at least a day at home, no company and getting shit done.  I will finish laundry.  I will clean the upstairs bathrooms.  I will put two coats of White Dove in downstairs bathroom.  I do not need to cook dinner as we have Thanksgiving day leftovers and delicious leftover homemade meat sauce. I will take many breaks and read during said breaks.  I may even weed the front beds which are full of weeds.  YES!  IN NOVEMBER!!  Unbelievable.

I just finished Catching Fire, the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy.  I LOVE THESE BOOKS.  They’re brilliant.  I’m a little sad to have begun the third and final book today, although as I type I kind of can’t wait to get in bed and read more!!  My son has already finished all three and cannot stop himself from spilling details to me….!  The movie trailer is fantastic and I can’t wait for the movie this March.

Alrighty.  Enough for today.  Time to put me feet up and relax.  Good night to all and I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.  I sure did.


A bit of comic perfection.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

November 22nd.

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Amazing.  Scary.  Still beautiful.

Finn fell in!

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Oh.  My.  God.  Talk about a Chinese fire drill!  We were unloading all the cushions, booze, throw pillows, blankets, etc. from the boat when all of the sudden I hear Laurence SCREAMING, “Finn!!!!!!!!  He’s in the water!!!  GET HIM!!!!!!”  He and Gracie were hysterical.  OMG, sooo sad!  Larry and I jumped off, saw Finn who was swimming along the dock.  I panicked and said, “I’m going in!” Ha ha ha .  Oh boy did we have a good laugh over that later.  In the meantime, Larry stayed cool and said, “hold on…”.  He laid down on the dock and scooped Finney up by the collar.  At first we thought he hurt his leg, but he may have just scraped it.  We brought him inside with the crying children, gave him a warm, soapy bath and he seems fine now.  Thank God!!!!  I’m exhausted.

We all chillaxed for a half hour and now Larry has gone out sailing.  I’m going back to my laundry room.  I’m almost done getting rid of all the crap.  I have one more set of file cabinets to go through.  Then, I’m ready for carpet, curtains and painting/arranging the furniture.  In the end, it should be a nice little haven for me.  It also feels soooooo good to purge and be organized.  I’m just a better person when things are in order.  Enjoy your Sunday!  Hug your pet!  I’m gonna go hug mine again.


“Another bitch who thought she’d get the best of me”

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That was one of Larry’s best lines throughout this.  Holy smokes, what a week and weekend.  We worked really, really hard getting ready.  Garage, yard, moving all furniture, rugs, emptying drawers and bottom shelves, cleaning out the fireplace (which was KEY).  We moved the boats into the middle of the canal and tied numerous lines to both sides of the canal.  We hauled the whaler.  We were absolutely prepared and our end result proved this.  The kids and I went to my mothers….that’s another post in itself.  Larry stayed at the house.  The water, when it finally surged, came very, very fast.  It started at our chimney and just kept coming.  I spoke to Larry around 8:30am and he said the playroom was full (one step below the main floor) and we were inches from total flooding.  He said it would definitely happen as he couldn’t believe how fast the water was rising.  Anyhoo, we did flood.  Four inches through the first floor.  Larry told me not to come home until 8ish Sunday night.  He cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and I swear to God, when I walked back in my house I could have cried at how amazing it looked.  If  Larry had told me we didn’t have water, I absolutely would have believed him.  Embarrasingly, the floors and woodwork are cleaner now than when I left!  I LOVE YOU LARRY.  I’ll never ask you for another love letter because the one I got Sunday night was better than anything.  My video subscription has lapsed, so I’m using YouTube now instead.  Take a lookie here.  The photos at the end are of us at Frank & Dick’s Monday night.  We worked our asses off all day Monday and Larry said, “I don’t give a shit.  We’re going out on the boat tonight at 6pm no matter what we haven’t finished.”  I noticed on Facebook that Frank & Dick’s had opened and off we went!

Summer, Week Three

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Oh, those lovely summer days and nights!  We have just been enjoying the hell out of them.  Kids are on the swim team and are taking sailing lessons.  We’ve been to the beach about 10 times.  Been over to Hemlock three times.  I had quite the birthday celebration which I am drying out from now….yikes.  This week is supposed to be “get my shite together week”, but it was soooo beautiful today…..we had to go to the beach again.  The ocean was amazing.  Clean and swell-y – big, rolling waves that don’t toss you around much – they just lift and fall.  Lovely.

I conned the kids into doing some errands with me by promising them Slurpees.  They’re FREE today you know….start your engines!  They were small, but dee-lish.  Extra dee-lish since they didn’t cost me anything!

This Wednesday is our 15 year anniversary.  It makes me smile.  I have loved it all – good, wonderful, bad and ugly.  You still do it all for me Larry Schaefer and I love you more than you’ll ever know.

Enough of that!  We’ll be celebrating at the BYC’s Watermelon Martini Happy Hour.  I will not be drinking those cocktails of trickery!  I’ve seen far too many “pink” fools and even a few yawning technicolor after a few of these….Still a great happy hour – awesome food.  So it should be a wonderful evening.

I’ve farmed out the kids for this Saturday.  We’ll be “adult” sailing with folks from Larry’s office.  No, adult doesn’t mean R rated, just adults only!!!  We’ll sail and then come home for dinner.  Sunday it is off to Watch Hill!!!!!!!YIPPEE!!!!!  Then on to Sailor’s Haven.  A week with my family on Miss Gracie….so good for my soul.