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November is here.

Posted in Deep Stuff, Sometimes Life is Annoying on November 3, 2011 by Nutsy Fagan

Halloween is gone, so is the candy.  Club closes on Tuesday.  Our “Last Saturday Before the Club Closes Party” is this Saturday night.  Appetizers, desserts, lots of booze, a fire in the fireplace, warm fleeces and good friends.  A really nice evening.  I think I’m going to bring the Frozen Concoction Maker and make Harry Potter Frozen Butterbeer cocktails….mmmmmm.   I think a little bit of Captain Morgan’s couldn’t hurt this recipe either….  Can’t say I’m sorry the Club is closing….I’m sooooo ready.  I need a break.  Boats are still afloat…call to haul the CC has been made.  Miss Gracie will get hauled after Thanksgiving.  And then Frostbiting begins.  This keeps Larry happy.  He needs to be on the water or …..well, it’s just not good.

This weekend is just CRAZY packed with too much stuff:  Tomorrow night is Supermarket Bingo (a Schaefer family favorite).  Saturday morning Larry is off with Joe to get a new “old” Flying Scot for the Club.  We had firewood coming, but alas….that will have to wait yet another weekend now.  Laurence has a soccer game at 11am.  The Club party starts at 5.  No sitter yet…..  Sunday morning we are heading out for brunch with Toni & Chris at 56th Fighter Group.  I have never been there….weird for someone who has lived here her whole life.  Then we’re heading to Bay Shore to the Boulton Center for a Cruising Club presentation done by our friend, Harry Manko.  It’s on the history of the Cruising Club and it should be something wonderful.  Harry is quite talented and NEVER does anything half assed.  He’s full throttle or off.  We have to leave there early because from 4:30 to 7 is our yearly BYC Board Dinner.   After that?  Sleep.  Where are my empty Fall weekends of stacking firewood, lounging by a fire, bike rides, friends for dinner……soon, I suppose and hope.


“Another bitch who thought she’d get the best of me”

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That was one of Larry’s best lines throughout this.  Holy smokes, what a week and weekend.  We worked really, really hard getting ready.  Garage, yard, moving all furniture, rugs, emptying drawers and bottom shelves, cleaning out the fireplace (which was KEY).  We moved the boats into the middle of the canal and tied numerous lines to both sides of the canal.  We hauled the whaler.  We were absolutely prepared and our end result proved this.  The kids and I went to my mothers….that’s another post in itself.  Larry stayed at the house.  The water, when it finally surged, came very, very fast.  It started at our chimney and just kept coming.  I spoke to Larry around 8:30am and he said the playroom was full (one step below the main floor) and we were inches from total flooding.  He said it would definitely happen as he couldn’t believe how fast the water was rising.  Anyhoo, we did flood.  Four inches through the first floor.  Larry told me not to come home until 8ish Sunday night.  He cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and I swear to God, when I walked back in my house I could have cried at how amazing it looked.  If  Larry had told me we didn’t have water, I absolutely would have believed him.  Embarrasingly, the floors and woodwork are cleaner now than when I left!  I LOVE YOU LARRY.  I’ll never ask you for another love letter because the one I got Sunday night was better than anything.  My video subscription has lapsed, so I’m using YouTube now instead.  Take a lookie here.  The photos at the end are of us at Frank & Dick’s Monday night.  We worked our asses off all day Monday and Larry said, “I don’t give a shit.  We’re going out on the boat tonight at 6pm no matter what we haven’t finished.”  I noticed on Facebook that Frank & Dick’s had opened and off we went!

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Washington (CNN) – U.S. House Speaker John Boehner told a gathering of religious broadcasters that the nation’s mounting debt is a moral threat to the country.  Really?  Is Mr. Boehner our moral barometer now?  Hmmm…..where was he during the BUSH administration?????  Perhaps he was only recently enlightened???  PUKE.

“You may recall President Obama, in his State of the Union address, talking about a ‘Sputnik moment,’ the moment that shocks our nation into getting serious,” Boehner said. “In my view, America’s ‘Sputnik moment’ is our shocking national debt.”  I feel a few letters coming on…..  Yes, I know my attempt is futile.  Sometimes you must do things even though you know they have no real purpose other than making you feel better.

I am sooo fed up.  To be forced to listen to rhetoric and lies day after day is infuriating.  I truly feel like our country has turned into us vs. them.  I don’t really think we are a democracy anymore.  Really in name only.  Do I really have a say????  Sure.  Does it count for anything?  NO.  It doesn’t matter which party is in the White House.  They both have different agendas for sure, however, nothing real can ever get done because A) there is a game on, you know?  Democrats vs. Republicans and B) big business is really governing this nation and making 1% filthy, stinking rich while the rest of us are forced to work our asses off while the price of everything skyrockets, we fear for our jobs everyday and worrying about how we’ll provide for our families is first in our minds.  God help us if we get sick!

Wow, this is a real rant and I usually don’t rant here.  But, I couldn’t help myself after reading that quote above on  Have a nice day 🙂

I may be icky on Facebook….again.

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Hmmm….just took a look at Facebook and I may be going back into FB Icky mode…..  After my hiatus, I deleted a lot of “friends’ and was attempting to keep myself limited…  Well, I’ve slipped and let a whole lot of folks back in and it’s beginning to turn me off.  My idea for Facebook is that it should be FUN!!!  Period.  Here are the things people do that I hate:

1.  Keep people updated on private information.  That should be done via email, phone or snail mail…..just sayin’….

2.  Bragging about their children.  EEEEEEW!!!!  Bragging about your kid SUCKS no matter where you do it, but doing it on FB is bad.

3.  Bragging about yourself and all the amazing things you did today (isn’t that what a BLOG is for???  Ha ha ha).

4.  Posting from vacation EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY.  ONE post telling you’re excited to go is nice.  Constant updates on the amazing time you’re having is obnoxious.

5.  Making plans on FB that don’t include every single one of your “friends”.  Again, this is what the phone, email and snail mail are for.

6.  All of the above = begging for attention.

Guess I’m done again???

Friday thoughts.

Posted in Fun Stuff, Sometimes Life is Annoying, Stuff about me. on February 18, 2011 by Nutsy Fagan

Forefront in my mind:  American Idol.  Best.  Season.  Ever.  I will be writing about this a lot.  I know that none of my loyal fans really watch.  But maybe you’ll give it a try this season.  I am JLo’s newest, biggest fan.  I love her!  And then there’s Creepy Uncle Steve, as my new blog friend Dave calls him.  He’s incredibly entertaining.  These two folks teamed with Randy Jackson?  It’s like watching a whole new show.  It’s fantastic.

Secondly, nagging in my mind: I did one of the worst things a mom/neighbor can do.  I was supposed to bring the neighbor’s child home from dance class last night and …….*horror*…..yes, I forgot her.  My stomach hurts just writing about it.  I walk in the door and Larry goes, “Babs, did you forget something?????”  Breath is sucked from my body, face is burning red and I having the most incredible yearning ever to turn back the clock, stand in the hallway and say, “come on girlSSSSS, let’s go!”.  This is just about the worst icky.  Really.  If you’ve ever done it, you understand.  I know it will pass, but not soon enough.  The parents were great about it.  Their daughter wasn’t that upset….OMG.  Nuff said.

So, it’s Friday.  Kids are off to school for the last day before a week off.  Nice.  I do like having them home.  I’ve made more plans than usual for upcoming week.  Usually I just let things happen.  But I feel itchy about this week – I’ve made plans for 5 of the 9 days off.  We’re having cousins sleep over.  We’ll spend a day in the city going to FAO Schwartz and then either skating in Bryant Park or a visit to Madam Tussaud’s.  Laurence is having some friends sleepover one night, Gracie will have a few friends another.  We’ll go skating in Deer Park at some point.  Other than that, we’ll just relax.  We’re ready.

The kids are thinking about going to a sleep away camp for a week this summer.  I know for a fact that it will be good for them.  I went two summers in a row for a month each time.  It was a tremendous experience.  Then, of course, there’s the upside for me.  A week without kids?  Yee ha.  Yeah, if that puts me in the rotten mommy category, I’m okay with that!!

I’m making Taco Soup for dinner.  Kids are super excited because I bought their favorite – Tostitos Hint of Lime Chips to go with.  Finn is going to the doggie spa to get all dolled up.  I’m going to try and squeeze in a cheap pedicure as my tootsie’s are something in need of attention.  Sleeping LATE tomorrow!  A fire and chillaxin’.  Laurence is having some friends for a Harry Potter movie night.  Pizza is on the menu, which means no cooking for me!

Time to roll.  Have a great day and enjoy the weekend.  Later.


Posted in Sometimes Life is Annoying on February 9, 2011 by Nutsy Fagan

So, surgery is over.  It went well.  Yesterday was tough.  Worse than I expected.  Anesthesia threw me for a loop.  Ride home on the bumpy expressway for two hours was not the highlight.  I did sleep pretty well.  Today is soooooo much better than yesterday.  Throat still hurts and my abdomen is very, very sore.  Not having the headache and the anesthesia “ick” (don’t know what else to call it) is huge.  I should be even better tomorrow.  But I’m taking small steps.  Resting, watching movies.  I overdid it a bit this morning and will not do that again.  Friends & family (especially Larry) have been wonderful.  I got Gemelli’s wedding soup and ravioli and chocolate dessert last night from Karen.  Today, Jen Robbins brought me an orchid, Michelle & Bill brought me a chocolate basket and Mary Catherine brought lasagne, salad and italian bread.  Carl just brought me a Costo chicken (yummy).  Lello’s bringing dinner tomorrow night.  Life is good and having to lay around and watch movies is good too.  Vicodin also good.  That’s all for now.  Hope you’re all well.  It’s sunny too.  Nice.  Back to bed.

My love’s birthday!

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Happy Birthday honey!!!

We started the day by bringing coffee, cards and presents (lots of candy – he IS the candy man!) in bed.  This was followed by allowing Dad some time to chill in bed and watch a movie.  Then Dad went and got a haircut.  He came home to Coronation Chicken for lunch – one of his favorites and a surprise!  Now he’s off to see The Green Hornet with Laurence, while Gracie and I make his birthday cakes.  Cakes?  Yes, cakes!  The first is a cake I make from scratch that is just out of this world.  It’s called Celebration Cake.  I got it out of a BHG magazine years ago and have never seen it or been able to find it on the Internet since.  So I am very, very glad I wrote it down in my Recipe Book!  It came with a recipe for Vanilla Buttercream Frosting – sooooo easy and soooo delicious.  Recipes for both below.  But since my darling Larry is not a cake fan, Gracie is making her ice cream cake for him.  Mmmmmmm…..he’ll love that.  She lines a square cake pan with Saran Wrap.  Then she lays Oreo’s to cover the bottom.  They fit perfectly.  On top of this goes vanilla fudge ice cream that has been softened.  The final layer is crushed Oreo’s.  Then you freeze it.  It’s good with whipped cream and/or chocolate sauce. Why two cakes?  I, and my inlaws, like cake.  I also need to practice making a fancy cake for my niece’s bridal shower this summer.  While fondant is just gorgeous, I hate eating it and it pisses me off when it’s on a cake.  Thus, I am covering my cake with buttercream.  It doesn’t need to be fondant-perfect, but it needs to look pretty good and smooth.  Thus the need for practice, practice, practice.  Plus, I just like to make cakes.  It’s FUN!!!  I just put together the three layers of cake and crumb-coated them.  They’re in the fridge firming up.  Photos of finished product to follow!  Here’s the cake and frosting recipes:

Celebration Cake

2 1/2 sticks of softened butter

2 cups of sugar

1 tbsp. vanilla

4 tsps. baking powder

1/2 each baking soda and salt

4 eggs (room temp)

3 1/2 cups flour

1 1/2 cups buttermilk

Mix first five ingredients in a big bowl on medium speed for 3 minutes.  Lower speed and add one egg at a time.  Add in half of the flour and all the buttermilk and mix.  Then add the remaining flour.  Pour into three greased and parchment lined cake pans.  Bake for 30 – 35 minutes in a 350 oven.

Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

4 sticks of softened butter

16 oz. of Marshmallow Fluff

2 cups of confectioners sugar

2 tbsp. vanilla

Mix until fluffy.

We’re headed out to dinner tonight and then will bring the birthday cakes to Larry’s folk’s house for dessert.  His sister is visiting too, so it will be nice.  I must remember candles!!!

In other news, I have had a rough couple of weeks.  I had a health scare that was resolved, my mother is a constant source of stress and aggravation (if I’m being honest), my sister is suffering, my surgery is Tuesday, I have a CCK HIDEA scan next week and I wish that it were different.  I’m STRESSED.  But today is a good day.  Larry is here and healthy.  While it may not always be apparent, I adore you Larry.  Our kids are great and we have a great day in store.  So there is much to be thankful for.  But I’m still having a big, fat cocktail tonight.  Or six.