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Bliss in Antigua

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We’re back and we had a wonderful time.  The resort was magnificent in every way.  It was beautiful, our apartment was gorgeous and had a spectacular view from every room, the sailing was great and service was top notch.  I just loved it! we have some good GoPro videos coming – need to go through them.  In the meantime, here are some photos.  All the photos are on Flickr and can be accessed from my FB page.



Snowy Saturday and “Babies”

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It’s just beautiful out.  We recieved a very light dusting of fresh snow on top of the TON of snow already on the ground.  The sun seems to be coming out – finally.  Of course they NWS is predicting another inch of snow tonight and a possible whopper of a storm on Wednesday (could be another foot of snow).  At this rate, the kids will be in school until the 4th of July….  I love winter.  I love snow.  But another foot????  Come on!!  Of course if it turns out to be rain we will have an all out cold, wet mess on our hands.  Lots of rain with two feet of snow on the ground?  Oy.  It is interesting if nothing else.  It reminds me of winters when I was little.  We had a lot of snow then too.  Then it seemed to really die down for a loooooong time.

Larry is off to Frostbiting in the Flying Scots.  There will be five or six boats out today.  What a day they have!!  Cold, crisp, snowy and sunny?  They’ll be in their glory.  Hopefully someone takes some pics.  Maybe I should stop down?  Nah.  I’ll be taking the kids “sledding” this afternoon.  I used quotes because this is the term my children insist I use.  Actually, it is correct.  However, when I was a child, we always called it sleigh riding.  Should be fun no matter what you call it.

The kids and I watched a documentary the other night.  It’s called “Babies” and it was wonderful!  The show follows 4 babies from birth until they begin to walk.  The babies live in San Francisco, Tokyo, Namibia and Mongolia.  It’s absolutely fascinating.  There is no real dialog other than mothers chattering.  There are no questions or answers.  Just wonderful observation.  It’s amazing to watch how differently these children grow up, yet all their learning and emotional milestones are pretty much the same.  There are wonderful moments captured such as one child falling asleep sitting up. His eyes are slowly closing, his head begins to fall back and then?  That instant where he senses he’s falling and quickly wakes up.  The most interesting thing to me was how my children never flinched seeing African women naked and breastfeeding their children but when the (except for a small bottom cloth), but when the white mom in San Francisco was naked in a hot tub with the baby (mind you, they never showed anything at all) my kids gasped and said, “Is she NAKED???”.  I highly recommend this.  It’s interesting, adorable and proves the point that all you need is love.  I’ll end on that note.  Happy weekend.

And it snowed again! A lot!

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After yesterday morning’s snow we had a bit of a break.  Then it started sleeting and raining.  I had a BYC scheduling meeting last night.  I brought the kids with me since Larry was working late.  Gracie fell down the front stoop on all the ice.  Poor thing.  She’s got a big welt across her back.  Everything was covered in a sheet of ice.  Larry got home around 10pm and it hadn’t started snowing yet.  We got a phone call at 10:30pm that school would have a two hour delayed start!  Love that.  Kids get to sleep and then I still get time alone once they’ve gone.  at 5:00am we got a call that school would be closed!  Yay!  We woke up to 15 more inches of snow!  There is just a ton of it.  Compare today’s shots to the photo I posted yesterday and you’ll get a good idea of how much more snow there is now.  Holy smokes!

That’s a 4 foot fence.

A LOT of snow!!!

And Gracie and The Finnster.

The Chicken Curry Casserole I made yesterday was delish!  I have enough to freeze for another supper, which is a home run.  I’m making pulled pork today.  I made the Neely’s Barbecue Sauce yesterday.  That will serve as the sauce for the pork.  I learned an important pulled pork lesson this summer – make the pork first (rub it with spices, cook in crock pot with soda – ginger ale or root beer).  Then, DRAIN all liquid.  Pull the pork and THEN add the sauce.  What a difference. The rub:

Dry Rub:

  • 3 tablespoons paprika
  • 1 tablespoon garlic powder
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon dry mustard
  • 3 tablespoons coarse salt

Cook in crock pot for 6-8 hours on low with 12 oz. of root beer.  Drain completely, pull the pork and then add barbecue sauce.  I like Sweet Baby Ray’s from a bottle and today I’ll be adding homemade Neely’s Barbecue Sauce. Should be Yo-may!!!!!

Kids are happy to play and just be home.  I’m going to do the laundry and some cleaning before heading outside to finish shoveling and have some fun.  Oh, and we didn’t see Idol last night so I’ll be watching that on the DVR while folding laundry.  Poor Larry is on his way to North Carolina…..actually he is probably still in the limo.  It came at 8:30 and his flight is at 11:50….so we’ll see.  Sucks.  He won’t get home until 10:00-11:00 and then he’s got to go right back to work tomorrow.  Not fun.  Then, to top it off, I’m pretty sure Frostbiting will be cancelled again this weekend.  I think the Bay, BYC basin and canals are pretty frozen.  I’m happy to have him home, but he’ll miss being out there.  I’m pretty sure The Boys will find something that “needs to be done down at the JYC”…..something that involves beer.  The JYC is a small structure that used to serve as the main Clubhouse back in the early days.  It’s a pleasant little place and if the sun is shining, it gets nice and warm on a winters day.  Now it is the Junior Yacht Club and it serves as our Sailing Center.  Anyhoo, time to put up the pork.  Have a nice day.  Enjoy the snow if you got it!!!

Is it me?

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I’m wondering about sports obsessions, particularly lacrosse, in my town.  My son plays soccer, swims on the summer swim team, took karate for 3 years and is now beginning lacrosse.  He isn’t super sports kid and isn’t particularly large or brawny.  He’s just like Larry and will eventually be a gorgeous, super masculine man like his dad.  Anyhoo, Laurence took a lacrosse clinic this summer and started another program last night.  I just want him to have fun and maybe find something new that he likes.  I don’t have any illusions that he will be the High School Star or get a scholarship.  My motto is aim for happy and average.  Everything else is gravy.  But sitting in the arena watching him play and helping my daughter finish her homework, I can’t help but overhear other parents talking.  It’s as if nothing else exists.  They know every team from every town, they’re analyzing every kid on the turf as to his ability (I’m assuming it’s an effort to figure out who might try to steal their kids scholarship) and discussing this with the intensity I’ve rarely heard in a discussion about who will be the next President of the United States.  One of my son’s best friends Dad was there and he barely said hello to us.  He was soooo intent on watching.  It was like his life and breath depended on it.  I just find this weird.  Then I ran into another mom I know.  She begins telling me how her son just started playing last year and they wish they had started him sooner.  The ONLY conclusion I can come to is that he is not doing that well.  Is there any other?  Well, apparently, yes there is.  When I say to her, “Oh, I’m sure he’ll catch up”, she quickly cuts me off and says, “Oh, no!  He’s one of the better players, that’s why we wish we had started him sooner.”  Again, I think this is totally weird.  The kid is 10.  Are you really giving this kid’s lacrosse career that much thought right now?  Does it really matter?  I guess it does if you want him to get a scholarship or go pro.  Is there another reason?  If there is, I’m not aware of it.  Now don’t get me wrong – EVERY parent dreams of their child getting a scholarship.  Who in their right mind dreams about paying for college?  But seriously, let’s jump back onto the page of reality called “life”.

These events lead me to some self examination.  Should I be more intense about  my son’s sports?  Should I place more importance on it?  I think academics, maturity and friendship are more important.  Do sports have a place?  Absolutely.  They’re a great tool in maturing, forming relationships, being able to be part of a team, etc.  But in my mind, in the end, my son will leave high school, I will pay for college and he will end up sitting behind a desk somewhere providing for his family, to whom he is a wonderful, loving husband and devoted father.  So I ask, is it me?

This is what happens when your 11 year old films your event.

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We had an amazing Christmas!!!!  I don’t have the words to tell you how beautiful it was.  My sister’s counts are low, we have Finn, Jess has Lexie and to top it all off, Kristin (my niece – Jeanie’s daughter) got engaged Christmas morning.  Her boyfriend took a 1am train from Boston and woke her up Christmas morning on one knee and proposed.  Wonderful.

I had everyone to my house and it was just great.  We had appetizers by the fire, a delicious meal, we hung out, the puppies played (sort of…more like a street fight!) and then we went outside and sent 9 Wish Lanterns into the sky.  I surprised my family with these.  I bought one for each family to send up.  Our neighbors bought 5 too.  Our plan was for 5:15pm.  Our neighbor, Carl, called and asked if we had read the instructions which stated we were supposed to let the Coast Guard know……um.  Nope, didn’t read that part.  Being the catholic school girl that I am, I had to call the Fire Island Station.  I got a woman first.  We chatted and then she asked me how high they went.  I said a mile and was immediately put on hold and then was transferred.  Being put on hold and transferred is never a good sign.  Especially when you are directly in the international flight pattern line to JFK.  We were a tad anxious.  When I finally got put through, the gentleman was just lovely.  He told us it was a go, to have a Merry Christmas and thanked me for giving them the heads up.  Whew!!!  We went outside at 5:30 and sent our Christmas wishes into the air.

I have some photos too….but Miss Gracie’s video is pretty funny.  The camera turns in which ever direction her head does.  The lanterns are fantastic – you’ll be able to at least get the idea from her video.  Try not to throw up.