Bliss in Antigua

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We’re back and we had a wonderful time.  The resort was magnificent in every way.  It was beautiful, our apartment was gorgeous and had a spectacular view from every room, the sailing was great and service was top notch.  I just loved it! we have some good GoPro videos coming – need to go through them.  In the meantime, here are some photos.  All the photos are on Flickr and can be accessed from my FB page.


Nonsuch Bay, here we come!

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We are going on our first real vacation in three years!  So excited.  Nonsuch is on Antigua’s East end.  A remote resort that is only 4 years old and has only 64 units.  We are staying in a 2 bedroom condo that is probably nicer than our house.  It has a huge veranda overlooking the ocean!  NICE!!!  The resort has daily maid service and they will do my grocery shopping for me!  They also have a full fleet of RS sailboats.  Heaven!  Check it out here:

Nonsuch Bay

Resting for the winter.

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Miss Gracie has gone to the yard.  Sad.  It’s strange to look out the window and not have her there.  But, to every season turn, turn, turn….

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  Our first home in our house since 2011…..  Three years.  Hard to believe, but true.  I’m psyched for the day.  Made my mashed red potatoes and cooked the sausage for the stuffing.  I will be dry brining our turkey this year.  I’ll let you know how that works out for us.

Frostbiting at the BYC begins tomorrow.  I know Larry is excited.  They have a lot of fun and so some great sailing.  Two new boats in the fleet this year.  Should be interesting.

The next sailing I will do will be in Antigua this February.  Going to Nonsuch Bay Resort and cannot wait!

Happy Thanksgiving all.

Home Sweet Home and Happy Halloween!

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How is that for alliteration?  Two years later, we are home and the house is almost finished.  It’s been a WILD ride my friends.  Here is a throwback photo of the kids on Halloween 2004 and a current photo of Barbie’s Dream House as it is today.  Love it!!!!!

Halloween Home Sweet Home

Race Week at the BYC.

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Laurence is somewhere out there in the fleet. Big week for our son and his sailing. He is shepherding the smaller sailors and having a great time doing it. They started at Bayberry on Wednesday, Bay Shore yesterday and the BYC today finishes it up! This pic is from my office window:


Finally going on a cruise.

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It’s yucky today and going to be worse tomorrow. I’m glad we didn’t leave yesterday like we planned. Plus, I was soooo tired from too much fun on Saturday night at the Pig Roast!

Went to Costco and got supplies, washed the throw pillows from the boat (ew, been too long!) and getting things organized. I am peacefully anxious if that makes any sense! I like having tomorrow to finish up getting ready, but I am so happy we are off on Wednesday. Down time on the Bay and the Ocean. Nothing better. Well, an all inclusive in the Caribbean is certainly better, but this works too.

Pictures to come upon our return!

Sailing Miss Gracie

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Miss Gracie

Here she is out on the bay.  Photo courtesy of the talented Mr. Manko.